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Fall Trends (and how to wear them!)

We love scouring the magazines, runways and stores to find the best fall trends…but we love it even more when we can figure out how to wear them in our everyday lifestyle!  Let’s be honest – there are a lot of trends out there that just aren’t appropriate for our daily lives.  We’ve rounded up 4 trends for you that we think you’ll like, and have shown you how to wear them in both casual and dressy ways.  Below each picture we’ve also linked to several more options of the trend!  Here we go…



These are dark based florals (instead of a white background they are back to black, navy, green – anything dark!). They feel fresh and feminine…and perfect for fall!

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We loved this trend in the spring, and it’s back for fall!  Think sleeve details (cold shoulder, off the shoulder, etc.) but even more!  Ruffled necklines, ruffled sleeves, ruffled dresses, ruffled skirts, the list goes on!  We love this because it is a subtle detail on even the most casual of silhouettes – perfect for the girl who wants classic items with a hint of fashion.
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Velvet, silky knits, brocades – luxe fabrics take center stage this season.  If these fabrics are too much for you in a top/bottom/dress, try it in an accessory!
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In addition to silhouettes (wide leg pants, wrap dresses and peasant tops), the 70’s are influencing color this season!  Burgundy, mustard, olive green, navy – try to incorporate some color into your wardrobe this fall.
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What do you think?  What is your favorite trend to wear this fall?