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shopping the sales

Hello 2018!

The holidays have come and gone, and the retailers are slashing prices in order to make room for resort wear (!!!).  The new year is a time when I usually take inventory of my basics and make notes on what needs to be updated when I find something I like (this is also something I do for clients during my Closet ReStyle!).  We still have a lot of winter left to go, so this is one of my favorite times to score great deals on clothes that I’ll wear for the next few months.  It can be easy to fall into the “it’s such a great deal!” trap, so shopping with intention is best when you’re scrolling through page after page on retailers websites.  I have broken up the sales into the 3 categories that I usually shop during this time of year: Coats, Denim, and Boots.  Here are some of my favorites:



Look for classic silhouettes that you’ll continue wearing for several years to come: wool, anoraks, and puffer jackets.  I love finding styles with subtle details that will make it stand out, such as fur trims, belts, asymmetrical necklines, etc.  These things won’t make your coat look dated, but rather will make it feel special every time you put it on!



If you wear denim regularly, you understand how they can quickly show wear – especially when you have a favorite pair that you usually reach for!  This time of year usually has good sales on seasonal washes of denim, so it can be a good time to buy.  My current favorite pair of denim are these, so I try and look for different washes (lighter, darker, destroy, etc) to add to my closet.  Here are a few more of my favorite styles and washes that are currently on sale:


If the past few weeks are any indication, we’re in for a long, cold, snowy winter!  If your boots are looking tired and worn, now is a great time to update.  Look for waterproof/snow boots as well as ankle boots (or maybe even over-the-knee?!) that will keep your feet warm for the next few months.  My husband bought me these updated snow boots and I have lived in them since Christmas!  Here are some of my favorites:


What is your favorite thing to shop for during the winter sales?

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