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2018 pantone color of the year


Pantone has announced the 2018 color of the year, and as in years past, I imagine it will influence all things from fashion to beauty to home decor.  We previously discussed the colors of the year for 2017, 2016, (2015 was “Marsala” and ugly so we didn’t post about it!), 2014, 2013, and 2012.  We’ve been at this for a long time!


This year the Pantone color of the year is…..


Stores are already starting to show signs of embracing this color trend.  Some of my favorites so far:

this top

this bathing suit

a cute backpack

these heels

this sweater

this dress

this bracelet

these earrings

even eye shadow and lipstick.



What do you think about Ultra Violet?  Do you have any purple in your closet?  I don’t have much, but I might have to change that!

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