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We strive to help you (women, men and even children!) make the most of your wardrobe and feel confident in how you dress every day. We're big on versatility and bringing out a style that reflects YOU and YOUR lifestyle. Need help packing? Creating and coordinating outfits for family photos? Style and fashion discussions customized for your company or group? We can help you with that, too!


styling for men, women + children.

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shop with us or we'll go out and do the work for you!

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corporate consulting, discussions, parties + more!

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While Angela and Cara were helping me with vacation packing styling, they snapped a photo of each outfit with my phone, so that while I’m in Europe, I didn’t even have to think about it!  I just flipped through my photos, found the outfit I liked and got dressed.  I’ve probably told every person I’ve encountered since my trip about the styling experience with redress and how energized I was to wear my stuff in new ways on vacation, thanks to their help.


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I’m over the moon happy with myself for following my gut & contacting you. I look at my closet & everything in it so differently now. And with the purchase of just a few key pieces …I feel like my summer wardrobe can easily stretch into fall & winter.  And imagine my surprise that my “work” clothes and “weekend” clothes would get along so well! I feel like you’ve saved me money by helping me look at the things I have in a fresh way so that I don’t feel like I HAVE to shop for something new.


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Cara and Angela gave me just the kind of no-nonsense advice that I needed; they helped me update my wardrobe and taught me fashion fundamentals that help me get dressed with confidence for my new professional role. They helped me add pieces that can be combined (and recombined) with what I already own.  Their dressing strategies have made such a big difference that now, even on a rushed morning, I look more pulled together than on days when I was “trying” before.


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 Who are your clients?

Our clients are busy people who want to incorporate more style into their life.  They are career men and women who don't have the time to shop but want their wardrobes to reflect the job they want; they are stay-home-moms who need quick and stylish fashion ideas; they are young teens and adults who are discovering their sense of style.  Our clients are people who love fashion and follow trends, and people who don't.  We make your life easier and more stylish, no matter your lifestyle.

How do I schedule a service?

Just email us and we'll get you scheduled!  We generally book a few weeks out for daytime services, further for nights/weekends.

How do I pay?

We accept cash and checks made out to ReDress LLC.  Use of credit cards requires a small processing fee.

Will I be embarrassed if you see my closet?

Absolutely not!  We do not judge, we're here to help you bring out YOUR style and feel your best!